StargazePS Wiki

Magic? Ranged? Melee?[]

This is the most common question asked by new players trying to figure out what path to take. The answer to this question is all of the above! Early game you will want to focus Magic to focus on getting the highest DPS fast as you possibly can. During your early game climb you want to lean towards securing Zeus Aura Lvl 5 after securing this item its time to start climbing in Gear Progression Guide. Now that you have made it this far and your willing to take on melee being the absolute strongest and highest DPS due to Turmoil. Due to melee requiring face to face combat has made it End-Game forcing you to use Divine Potions to participate in killing mass bosses such as Beerus God Of Destruction, Golden Cerberus and Vorago. After securing and mastering these weapons surely you will have no issue out damaging fellow Stargazers in attempt to secure Top DPS in Hard Raids!

What should I go for next?[]

Stargazers attempt to rush through this fast as they can! Going from Mandara's fan, Hellfire Crossbow, Portal Gun to Eternal Bow.

Staff of Ra Jax Lantern Madara's Fan Infinity Staff KeyBlade Eternal Staff
Lava Gun BFG 9000 Universo Bow Hellfire Crossbow Portal Gun Eternal Bow
Skittles Divine's Wrath Masamune Mustang Sword Godly Flail Eternal Sword