Zamorakian skeletal champion that resides tunnels of Stargaze.


You can click the boss teleport>custom stuff>Vet'ion or simply type ::vetion.

Killcount Requirements

You must slay 70 Mourners.

Drop Table
Rarity Item Quantity
1/40 Mystery Box x20
1/155 Mystery Box x100
1/155 Mystery Box x3
1/680 Coins 1000M
1/680 American Pernix Chaps (Elite) x1
1/680 American Pernix Body x1
1/680 American Pernix Chaps x1
1/680 Sparta platebody x1
1/680 Sparta Helm x1
1/680 Sparta Sheild x1
1/850 American Pernix Cowl (Elite) x1
1/850 American Pernix Body (Elite) x1
1/850 American Pernix Chaps (elite) x1
1/850 Sparta boots x1
1/850 Red Key x3
1/850 $5 Scroll x1
1/850 Frost Minigun x1
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