Its about time these brand new tanks see a war! Rumored that tanks never stop moving in search of Vet'ion the skeletal champion![edit | edit source]

Killcount Requirements[edit | edit source]

To unlock the ability to kill tanks you must help them search and kill 70 Vet'ion.[edit | edit source]

You can find these tanks by teleporting to cabal or at the ::delzone requires 1k donation's.

Drop Table
Rarity Item Quantity
1/15 Crystal Key x7
1/40 Energy Fragment x30
1/40 Mystery Box x6
1/40 Crystal Key x12
1/155 Energy Fragment x45
1/155 Mystery Box x35
1/155 Legendary Mystery Box x7
1/320 Energy Fragment x45
1/320 Mystery Box x70
1/320 Bulging taxbag x35
1/410 Energy Fragment x60
1/410 Mystery Box x130
1/410 Red Key x2
1/410 Legendary Mystery Box x40
1/410 Bulging taxbag x60
1/680 Energy Fragment x130
1/680 Mystery Box x350
1/680 Red Key x5
1/680 Legendary Mystery Box x45
1/680 Bulging taxbag x100
1/850 Red Key x7
1/850 Seasonal Key x1
1/850 $5 Scroll x1
1/850 Tank Pet x1
1/850 Bulging taxbag x155
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