Its about time these brand new tanks see a war! Rumored that tanks never stop moving in search of Vet'ion the skeletal champion!

To unlock the ability to kill tanks you must help them search and kill 70 Vet'ion.

You can find these tanks by teleporting to cabal or at theĀ ::delzone requires 1k donation's.

Drop Table
Rarity Item Quantity
1/15 Crystal Key x7
1/40 Energy Fragment x30
1/40 Mystery Box x6
1/40 Crystal Key x12
1/155 Energy Fragment x45
1/155 Mystery Box x35
1/155 Legendary Mystery Box x7
1/320 Energy Fragment x45
1/320 Mystery Box x70
1/320 Bulging taxbag x35
1/410 Energy Fragment x60
1/410 Mystery Box x130
1/410 Red Key x2
1/410 Legendary Mystery Box x40
1/410 Bulging taxbag x60
1/680 Energy Fragment x130
1/680 Mystery Box x350
1/680 Red Key x5
1/680 Legendary Mystery Box x45
1/680 Bulging taxbag x100
1/850 Red Key x7
1/850 Seasonal Key x1
1/850 $5 Scroll x1
1/850 Tank Pet x1
1/850 Bulging taxbag x155
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