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TheSuper Scratch Card is an item that works similarily to the normal Scratch Card, however its items are noticeably better and  the animation for using the Super Scratch Card can be significantly faster than the normal Scratch Card. When opening a scratch card you need to match 3 items on the top for one of the rare rewards. However, there is a guaranteed common reward from the bottom box of the Super Scratch Card.

You may receive a Super Scratch Card from Big Ass Papa Money Bag, Super Slayer Box, Nitro Booster Box or a Voting Box.  

Reward List
Rarity Item

Genesis Wings

Rare  Genesis Sword
Rare Genesis Coat
Rare Genesis Platelegs
Rare Genesis Gloves
Rare Genesis Boots
Rare Masamune
Rare Madara's Fan
Rare Universo Bow
Rare Spender Shield
Rare Spender Cape
Rare Executive Totem
Rare Godly Stone
Common Omega Key
Common OP Key
Common PERFECTO Mystery Box
Common Auras Chest
Common Galaxy Box
Common Super Pet Mystery Box
Common $50 Scroll
Common Fantasy Box