StargazePS Wiki

Account Creation[]

Account Set-Up.png

Starting off you will create your username and password to log in. Ensure you make your account is secure by using Account Security.[]

Mode Descriptions[]


As a normal player you will be able to play the game without any restrictions.


You will not get a npc drop if another player has done more damage. You will have to rely on your starter, skilling, pvming and shops. This game is for the players that love a good challenge.

Ultimate Ironman[]

In addiction to the ironman rules you cannot use banks. This game mode is for the players that love the impossible.

Starting off use the free gear![]

Bugatti pet.png
  1. By clicking on the Guide Book that you started with it will invite you into the StargazePS Discord.
  2. As you advance through your Killcount Requirements you will loot $5 Scroll, $10 Scroll, $25 Scroll, $50 Scroll. Once you claim these scrolls you will be eligible for Donator Benefits.
  3. Click on the Bugatti Pet to summon, then click summoning tab to summon your first pet. Pet Guide will assist you in choosing the best pet with the right perks.
  4. Zeus Aura Lvl 5 As it occupies the ammo slot, it is used with any ranged weapon that requires ammo and it does function as a replacement for ammo.

Taking full advantage of Train Zone![]

Starter Shop.png

Starter Shop[]

Starter shop.png

Everything in this shop can be obtained from killing NPC's in the Train Zone by collecting Strange tokens. This shop offers many great items with very useful that will save you tons of time. Example Dantes Necklace will save you alot of time because it gives you bonuses and picks the loot up for you. Infinite Prayer Symbol will be a item you will use from the start all the way to End Game Content!

1st Task Squirtle![]


Simply type ::train to start these tasks for the Train Zone. After slaying 50 Squirtle you will be rewarded with Madara's Fan and Universo Bow and 300 Frost Dragon Bones that can be used on the Prayer Alter at ::home. (recommend getting Dantes Necklace after this task).

Train Rewards.png

2nd Task Mourners[]


Slay 50 Mourners! You will be rewarded with $10 Scroll, 10M and 100 Seasonal Key! (use keys at ::chests)

Train Reward 2.png

3rd White Wolfs[]

White wolfs.png

This task will give you a Masamune! which is a starter Melee weapon, a Dominium Crossbow which will be a self spec to boost to 299 range to your account, and a More Lit sword which will also be a self spec but will boost your melee stats to 299.

Train Reward 3.png

4th Goku[]


The next starter task will be Goku! which will give you QBD Wings, boots, and gloves. These are some pieces to your full set of starting gear!  You will need a DBZ teleport to access Goku, and then Vegeta which can be found at ::shops by talking to Teemo! It's price is 35k Bulging Taxbags. This is our main form of currency on Stargaze.

Train task 4 goku.png

You will then need to kill Vegeta! As you saw from using the DBZ teleport tab he is also located there. Completing this task will get you your remaining QDB pieces. We highly recommend not skipping these!! These are the beginning of the MAJOR kill count requirements and will get you accustomed to the server's feel.  Make sure to check kill-count-requirements to see the path you are currently on.

5th Vegeta[]


You will then need to then kill Vegeta at the same DBZ teleport tab  to get your remaining QDB pieces. Highly recommend not skipping this as the server NPC's and bosses are Killcount based and you will need a X amount of Killcount on these npcs to progress to the next NPC's. Check kill-count-requirements to see Killcount Requirments.


6th Frieza First Form[]

Frieza First Form.png

Once you kill 300 Goku's and Vegeta's, you'll go to Frieza. This can be found at ::frieza. The first form will require 500 kills. The Teddy bear (u) is a starter shield which provides 43% Drop rate, the ring will be used to ::combine into a better ring in the future. The crystal dragon companion will provide a good amount of stats in both melee and range. (you can wear this while killing pinatas, and sheeps)


Supporting StargazePS[]


Vote For Stargaze! Voting doesn't only just help the server, by voting you will summon the voting boss offering great rewards such as Exodia Mode! You can begin voting by typing ::vote. After you complete all of the website you will type ::reward 1 (this will give you a vote scroll which is priced around 15-20m Bulging taxbags) (Once there is a total of 35 Votes claimed a Vote Boss will spawn at ::Voteboss. You can also decide to claim your votes to spend at the vote shop at ::shops.

Vote38 .png

Start Combining your gear![]


Once you start combining your gear that you have collected you will be able to improve your damage and drop rate, also gain other perks to make the late game grinds easier! In Stargaze we create just about everything we obtain! This can be found in the ::combine command.



Once you have finished your starter tasks, you can proceed to slayer! This can be done by clicking the slayer skill. You will then see all the options you can choose. Start with Vannaka until you complete all of your killcount requirements. The next slayer master recommended requires a vast amount of kills which you can find in the kill count requirements guide. Once you complete a task you will get Slayer Boxes(green) after task and at a 1/200 rate a Super Slayer box(red) . You can sell these boxes to players instead of opening as it will help you make some money to progress. As you progress to harder tasks you will get a chance of Supreme Slayer boxes (blue). These are from the Chaelder slayer master on hte second page. If you don't have the kill count requirements you will need to ::resettask which costs 5 slayer points). All Easy task will be located at ::vetion ::ice and ::train.

Attending Server Events[]

These events can be very rewarding and a great way to get involved in the community! You will see random global events spawn throughout the day. These will include ::voteboss  (Exodia). Can also be obtained from players claiming up to 35 total votes. ::bossevent for Afkboss which spawns when there is 100k afk tick actions. (usually once per hour) Then we have pinatas spawn. This is located at ::pinata, as well as Golden Sheeps which will be at ::sheep. Keep in mind pinatas and sheep teleports will reset your stats if you are buffed. Lastly we have WildyWyrms which will spawn at 3 locations randomly. ::edge, ::oldhome, and ::bossevent  (Note, you may only bring 1 account here and this will count as a PVM account.)



You can get to pinata by doing  ::pinata (note: remove gear dismiss pet and get kicking)

Golden Sheep[]


You can get to sheep by doing ::sheep (note: remove gear dismiss pet and get kicking)

Afk Boss[]


You can get to afk boss by doing ::bossevent. (this has a 3 minute spawn warning)



You can get to Wildywyrms by following the instructions listed in the CC which will either be at ::edge, ::oldhome, or ::bossevent

AFK Zone[]


You can log on and stay logged on for long periods of time without punishment. This specific zone was made for players to afk at. Each skill will reward AFK tickets that can be used to buy item's from AFK Store. You need 80 Woodcutting to afk woodcut, 80 mining to afk mine, and the once you have enough tickets to obtain a golden fishing net you only need level 1. To train these skills simply run south from ::home and that's a good location to work towards them, or simply click on the skill you would like to train. If you are not a fan of grinding out skill's you may find the Dragonkin Lamp very useful!

Requirements & BIS
Skill Level Starter BIS
Woodcutting 80 Dragon Golden Axe Diamond Axe
Mining 80 Golden Maul Diamond Pickaxe
Fishing 1 Golden Fishing Net Diamond Rod

Rule 12: Alts

Alts are permitted, although they are not allowed to kill the same NPC, nor participate at the same AFK zone at the same time. Moneybags of any type, and AOE of any type are considered the same NPC. Each player is allowed a maximum of 6 accounts logged in at any time (2 PVM Accounts, 3 AFK Skill Accounts, and one for Broly. You can check discord or Rules of StargazePS.

Helpful Wiki Links[]


Ctrl + B - Access to your bank

Ctrl + H - Teleports to Home

Ctrl + I - Opens up interface for instance manager

Ctrl + U - Opens up upgrade interface

Ctrl + P - Open up marketplace (Celestial+)

Ctrl + T - Opens up Enchantment table (Galactic+)

Ctrl + R - Opens up raids interface

Ctrl + W - Opens up well interface (Celestial+)

Ctrl + E - Open up custom shop