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Starting off you will create your username and password to log in. Ensure you make your account is secure by using Account Security.[]

Once you log in you will receive a prompt asking you who referenced you to join the server by typing in dante you will collect a reward such as Beginner Mystery Box!

At this point you should now have your Red Dragon armor equipped with Ring of Wealth and Silver Starter Whip.

Before moving on to the next step try opening the Beginner Mystery Box's you have been rewarded with for some easy upgrades!

Note that you start with 1B Coins! So with this free cash I tried to use it the most efficient way possible typing ::shops and purchasing these items.

First Purchase's 1B
Item Cost Shops
Shark 5,000 Coins x5 Consumables Store
Rune Boots 20,000 Coins x1 Melee Shop
Amulet Of Glory 28,010 Coins x1 Melee Shop
Combat Bracelet 35,448 Coins x1 Melee Shop
HandCannon Shots 20,000 Coins x10,000 Range Shop
Ava's Accumulator 1M Coins x1 Range Shop

Now your ready to start killing NPC's at the Train Zone (::train), notice some of these NPC's have Killcount Requirements!

It's time to slay 100 Squirtle, once I collected 50 Strange tokens I equipped my Handcannon shots obtained from ::shops Range shop and bought a minigun from the Starter Shop.

Keep killing Squirtle and buy frost dragon bones from Starter Shop to level up Prayer to 99, then continue with the kill counts that pop up on your screen.

Now its time to follow the Moneymaking, Weapon Progression Guide and Gear Progression Guide.

What's Next?[]

  • Vote For Stargaze! By voting for Stargaze you will receive voting points that you can spend on Voting Scroll or Voting Box (recommended to get the scrolls they sell fairly quick at around 300,000 Bulging Tax bags which is our servers currency).
  • Get your combat levels up at the Train Zone! (Don't forget about your Prayer)
  • Save up enough tokens to buy a Mystic Staff at the Starter Shop where you can also buy Frost Dragon Bones or kill Otherworldy Beings at the ::dzone.

Our Player Owned Shop (POS) is a NPC located at north of ::home or south of ::chests[]

Player Owned Shop Manager this is a great place to trade and barder with other players! For new players, you'll want to get some gear or maybe a better weapon. To start focus on getting a super buu set, which costs around 300k a piece (there's 3 pieces), or get a Jax lantern which costs around 1,000,000 bulging tax bags which you can obtain fairly easily by doing slayer, then get a bugatti pet or a baby yoda pet which gives passive soul split and gives a boost in drop rate (you can sell the Vote Scrolls for 300k Bulging Taxbags in the POS). In Stargaze our currency is Bulging Taxbags.

Unknownw453 .png


Slayer is a great way to make awesome cash! People are always purchasing these boxes from lowest to highest tier in attempt to upgrade to make Supreme Slayer Box. Highly recommended that you use a Beerus Pet when upgrading these boxes! You can find the first Slayer Master at the Train Zone his name is Vannaka by clicking on your Slayer Skill you can teleport back to your slayer master to grab new task or simply type ::slayermaster after your task is finished you will be awarded Slayer Points that you can use in the Slayer Points Store. You will want to focus on getting either Omega keys or Supreme Slayer Boxes, and there's also a Power Stone which is used to create Infinity Gauntlet this weapon is very useful boosting your stats to 400!

Vannaka Tasks
Monster Vet'ion Ice Giant White Wolfs Squirtle Mourners
Location ;;vetion ;;event Train Zone Train Zone Train Zone

Daily Login Reward[]

Simply log in daily to get your reward. These rewards resets every 24 hours, if you don't see it, click on the bottom right-hand corner and shift it to Daily Login Reward


Item Upgrader[]

The item upgrader north of ::home, beside POS. It's worth a try to upgrade items but do take note if the item fails it DESTROYS.


Over Powered Starting Items![]

Key items
Item Location Cost
Zeus Aura Lvl 5 ;;Combine or Player Owned Shop Manager 10M
Infinite Prayer Symbol Azzanadra at Shops 10M
Baby Yoda Pet Legacy Mystery Box or Player Owned Shop Manager 500k

Gather the friends you've made so far to slay the Light and Dark Beasts![]

Light and Dark 1fhdtsr.webp

This boss is able to be attacked by multiple Stargazers at once. Every kill the top 5 players that have done the most damage will be rewarded with 1 key either light or dark, and a rare chance to get 2. These Keys are currently selling in the Player Owned Shop Manager for 250,000 bulging taxbags each! Either that or chance your luck at pulling some good armor out of the Chest of Hope. (Rare chance at getting BIS Godlike Aura)

AFK Zone[]


You can log on and stay logged on for long periods of time without punishment. This specific zone was made for players to afk at. Each skill will reward AFK tickets that can be used to buy item's from AFK Store. You need 80 Woodcutting to afk woodcut, 80 mining to afk mine, and the once you have enough tickets to obtain a golden fishing net you only need level 1. To train these skills simply run south from ::home and that's a good location to work towards them, or simply click on the skill you would like to train.

Requirements & BIS
Skill Level Best In Slot
Woodcutting 80 Dragon Golden Axe
Mining 80 Golden Maul
Fishing 1 Golden Fishing Net

Rule 12: Alts

Alts are permitted, although they are not allowed to kill the same NPC, nor participate at the same AFK zone at the same time. Moneybags of any type, and AOE of any type are considered the same NPC. Each player is allowed a maximum of 6 accounts logged in at any time (2 PVM Accounts, 3 AFK Skill Accounts, and one for Broly. You can check discord or Rules of StargazePS.

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