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Welcome to the StargazePS Wiki

Welcome to the newly launched StargazePS Wiki. We are a collaborative community of staff and players who are working to build upon and expand resources and information. Our Wiki depends on readers like you to get involved to keep it accurate and up to date!

Together, our community has made 864 articles!

If you notice there is an item or other content that is missing, and you are confident in your ability to add it, hit the "ADD NEW PAGE" button at the top right of any page. If you don't feel confident, but would still like to contribute, feel free to drop any of our staff members the information that you feel is missing, and we will get it added.

Due to the update frequency of our server, there is a high chance that some articles will miss out on updates to their information. Editing article information is as simple as clicking "EDIT PAGE" on any of the articles. Making edits is very simple, and will most commonly just involve some minor text changes. Again, feel free to contact the staff team if this is out of your reach.

Thank you for participating in our community! We appreciate all your support.


We have an active website with forums and a Discord where most of our information is posted such as updates. Click the button below to join, or View Website for details about our server.

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