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Squirtle is one of the many types of creatures known as Pokemon, odd elemental based creatures that seem to grow more and more common with each passing day. They tend to live in rivers or ponds, particularly near forested areas where they can forage for nuts and berries in addition to finding water plants to eat.Squirtle tend to be common in ponds in areas, finding the mix of water and land quite useful in gathering food. They generally don't mind humans or other sentient creatures and sharing a space with them unless threatened and tend to be quite common in or around forested lakes or grassy plains. Squitles tends to stick around the train area to avoid being slaughtered by experienced stargazers.

Found at Train zone by typing ::train you will be spawned east of the squirtles!

Killcount Requirements

Drop Table
Rarity Item Quantity
1/2 Strange Token x5
1/5 Strange Token x25
1/155 Coins 500M
1/155 Strange Token x40
1/320 Strange Token x100
1/320 Purgatory Guatlets x1
1/320 Purgatory Boots x1
1/320 Purgatory Platelegs x1
1/320 Purgatory Platebody x1
1/320 Purgatory Helm x1
1/680 Coins 10M
1/850 Red Key x1