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The Slayer Points Store can be accessed by choosing the 'rewards' option after rightclicking any slayer master. The only currency used to buy items here is Slayer Points, which are gained after completing a slayer task. A quick way to access this store is by walking west of Home, or by typing ::train.


Slayer Points Store.png
Item Price (Slayer Points)
Ring of Slaying (8) 5
Bonecrusher 100
Ring of Devotion 500
$5 Scroll 50
$10 Scroll 100
Corruption 200
Collector Necklace 500
Seasonal Key 30
Dominion Crossbow 2000
Energy Fragment 1
Power Stone 3500
Super Slayer Cape 4000
Cash Box 50
Millionaire Box 350
OP Key 50
Super Slayer Box 125
Supreme Slayer Box 800
Omega Key 300