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Poseidon Aura Lvl 4 is an aura that provides stats geared towards range.

As it occupies the ammo slot, it cannot be used with any weapon that requires ammo and it does not function as a replacement for ammo.

It can be upgraded into Poseidon Aura Lvl 5 through the Item Upgrader. It has a 20% chance of success with a cost of 7,000 Bulging taxbags.


Poseidon Aura Lvl 4 can be made by following the Combination recipe posted below.

It can be obtained by upgrading an Poseidon Aura Lvl 3 at the Item Upgrader. It has a 30% chance of success with a cost of 3,000 Bulging taxbags.

It can also be obtained from Auras Chest as a rare drop.

Combination Recipe[]

Combat Stats[]

Combat Stats
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab 0 +1400
Slash 0 +1400
Crush 0 +1400
Magic 0 +1400
Range +6500 +1400
Other bonuses
Strength 0
Ranged 0
Magic 0
Prayer 0