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Known as one of the most challenging, complex pets of stargaze. Having 3x more damage than Ultimatium, 170% Dr Increase, Random amount of LMBS on kill chance, SS effect, New casket effect basically it has a chance to give you a free supreme casket on kill. Mini-Me offers the ability to add armor and weapons to your pet, giving you higher DPS! Between the endless updates and new gear added to Stargaze its hard to say if their will ever be a pet better then your Mini-Me.

Mini me config.png

Building Mini-Me[]

Item enchantment requirements[]


  1. x10 SG Coin
  2. x50 Shiny Diamond
  3. Mimic doll (Galactic Token Shop)
  4. Godly Tear (Godlike Box)
  5. Dante Jr
  6. x15 Heart Crystal
  7. x15 Rainbow Diamond
  8. x5 Imperial Heart
  9. Enchantment Scroll Misc (Without this scroll you risk failing the upgrade!)