Loyalty Shop can be found at ::shops it is where you may spend your Loyalty Points which are gained in various amounts depending on your donator rank ingame and whether or not you had previously performed an action within roughly 5 minutes.

Loyalty points can be spent on many items but the most popular choice to spend your loyalty points on are the Super Loyal Star Pet, and the Scroll of Praise.

Item Loyalty Point Cost
Red Glass Wings 200,000
Gold Virtus Robe Top 50,000
Gold Virtus Robe Legs 50,000
Gold Virtus Mask 50,000
UGABUGA 100,000
Malevolent Platelegs 55,000
Malevolent Body 55,000
Malevolent Helm 55,000
Boxing Gloves (Red) 50,000
Boxing Gloves (Blue) 50,000
Ultra Donation Box 80,000
Donation Box 40,000
Bladed Shield 150,000
Scroll of Praise 25,000
$5 Scroll 50,000
$10 Scroll 90,000
$25 Scroll 160,000
Overload (4) 1,000
Dragon Minigun 850,000
Ring of Wealth 25,000
Super Loyal Star Pet 2,000,000
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