StargazePS Wiki

This instance manager was made to spawn NPC's to a specific Stargazer to avoid areas and zones from being to crowded! Refer to Killcount Requirements to see requirements!

By typing ::instancemanager it will bring up the menu or you can press Ctrl-I to bring up this menu!

Instance Manager
NPC Name Hitpointst Level Cost
Cabal 4.5M 1500 50k
Big Money Bags 10M 6000 50k
Big Ass Papa Money Bags 25M 9000 50k
Green Dragon 25M 79 100k
Red Dragon 35M 152 100k
Perfect Cell 90M 10000 50k
Joker Clone 60M 1000 100k
Frieza First Form 20M 4000 50k
Frieza Second Form 35M 5000 50k
Frieza Final Form 50M 7000 100k
Chronozon 40M 170 100k
Zeus 50M 5000 100k
Super Buu 120M 10000 500K
Kid Buu 200M 10000 1M