StargazePS Wiki

Recommended utilities:

  • Upgrading

Heart Crystals are used in a very wide variety of upgrades from the low/mid tier items via the Pack-a-Punch Machine and the high-tier/end-game items via the Enchantment Table.

Heart Crystals can be bought from the Azzanadra (OP-store) NPC at Shops for 400.000.000 (400M) Bulging Taxbags each.

Heart Crystals can be sold to the Custom Shop at Shops (CRTL+E(Galactic rank and up)) for 150.000.000 (150M) Bulging Taxbags each.

  • Alternative ways of obtaining Heart Crystals

Heart Crystals can also be accuired from killing Bosses, Opening chest keys i.e. Godly Keys and from things such as Battlepass.

  • Imperial Hearts

Heart Crystals can be upgraded to Imperial Hearts via the Pack-a-Punch Machine for a 10% chance of succes by risking 1x Heart Crystal and 50.000.000 (50M) Bulging Taxbags for the upgrade.

*reccommended* use Baron of hell JR. and beerus pet for a higher chance of succesfully upgrading.