Every item in this shop is able to be purchased with Ecto-Tokens. You can open this shop by talking to Santa.

Event Shop
Item Ecto-Token Cost
Ice Gloves 4,000
Blessed Gloves 9,000
Gloves of Death 9,000
Lit Sword 15,000
Tekton Helmet 20,000
Tekton Platebody 20,000
Tekton Platelegs 20,000
Tekton Gloves 20,000
Tekton Boots 20,000
Tekton Longsword 35,000
Dominion Crossbow 400,000
Ring of Devotion 40,000
Magic Stone 70,000
Collector Necklace 60,000
Rainbowian Boots 30,000
Universo Staff 50,000
Medium Tier Weapon Box 10,000
Medium Tier Armor Box 10,000
Energy Fragment 10
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