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Diety Zone Bank

Diety Zone is the prime location for all things Diety! There's a total of 4 rooms in this zone including a banking area and a well to boost your stats. The zone can be accessed by typing in ::dietyzone only works if you have claimed 1m worth in cash scrolls. The bank can be accessed just north of the teleport point.

Diety Foutain[]

Diety Zone Tele And Diety Well.png

The Diety Fountain has two uses, one is to restore any stats that were brought below what they should've been, and the main use being able to spend 2m Bulging Taxbags to boost your combat stats to 500, which is greater than the boost obtainable from the Infinity Gauntlet but is less than the Doom Guy Sword.

Room 1 (North-West)[]

Room 1 (AOE Mobs)

Room 1 is where you will find Godly Mystery Boxes. They're an AOE mob that are maininly farmed for their Super AOE Tokens and once you obtain 50k tokens you can teleport to the Pyramid Head boss which can be very lucrative as a late game alternative to Kid Buu and Ultimatium

Room 2 (North-East)[]

Room 2 (Kid Buu's)

Room 2 is where you will find a multitude of Kid Buu's, and best of all you don't have to pay 5m everytime like you normally would with the other Kid Buu zone. Kid Buu's are mainly farmed for their Omega Key's and Millionaire Boxes yet if you find yourself unlucky you can still make a substantial amount off of the guranteed 4k Bulging Taxbag drops.

Room 3 (South-West)[]

As of now this room is currently empty [WIP]

Room 4[]

Room 4 can be instantly teleported to via the command ::dietyboss and the room is normally empty until Optimus Prime spawns roughly every 12 hours. The main drop that is sought after is the very elusive Optimus Prime Mode which is a 1/3000 drop. The Optimus Prime Mode is the best mode item in the game, providing a greater than a 20% damage bonus to all 3 styles of attack, making it a must need item for anyone that wants to output as much dps as possible and as a fun factor tower over all of those without this mode!