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Chest of Hope.png

The Chest of Hope is the main reward chest for partaking in the Dark and Light Minigame. When using both a Dark and a Light Key on the chest you have a rare chance at the Godlike Aura, Yang and Yin sets. 

Rarity Item


Common Bulging Taxbags 40000
Common Cash Boxes 5
Rare Helmet of Yin 1
Rare Platebody of Yin 1
Rare Platelegs of Yin


Rare Boots of Yin 1
Rare Gloves of Yin 1
Rare Helmet of Yang 1
Rare Platebody of Yang 1
Rare Platelegs of Yang 1
Rare Boots of Yang 1
Rare Gloves of Yang 1
Rare Godlike Aura 1
Rare Omega Key 1