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Celestial Symbol is a currency only obtained in the Celestial Zone. You must kill Itachi's to get your first Celestial Symbol. It's suggested that you only kill Itachi's until you obtain 2,000 Celestial Symbols. From this point you have enough Celestial Symbols to challenge Madara.

*When challenging Madara you'll be teleported into an instance. If you have a Mini-Me make sure to have it summoned before challenging! You'll also want at least 1 Divine Potion of Durability as for without one Madara Uchiha will One-Shot you!*

Obtaining Celestial Symbols[]

Since Celestial Symbols aren't tradeable, it is difficult to obtain. There are currently only three ways to obtain Celestial Symbols:

Spending Celestial Symbols[]

Item Celestial Symbol Price
Celestial Shop
Celestial Wheel.png Celestial Wheel 500
Celestial Mystery Box.png Celestial Mystery Box 1,000
Star Stone.png Star Stone 80,000
Godly Stone.png Godly Stone 25,000
Executive Totem.png Executive Totem 25,000
Itachi Head.png Itachi Head 3,000
Itachi Body.png Itachi Body 3,000
Itachi Pants.png Itachi Pants 3,000
Itachi Hands.png Itachi Hands 3,000
Itachi Boots.png Itachi Boots 3,000
Godly Key.png Godly Key 1,500
Omega Key.png Omega Key 100
Millionaire Box.png Millionaire Box 100
Obito Head.png Obito Head 2,000
Obito Body.png Obito Body 2,000
Obito Pants.png Obito Pants 2,000
Obito Boots.png Obito Boots 2,000
Obito Hands.png Obito Hands 2,000
Kakashi Head.png Kakashi Head 2,000
Kakashi Body.png Kakashi Body 2,000
Kakashi Pants.png Kakashi Pants 2,000
Kakashi Hands.png Kakashi Hands 2,000
Kakashi Boots.png Kakashi Boots 2,000
Eternal Crystal.png Eternal Crystal 35,000