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The Bulging Bag Store can be accessed trading the 'Sell Your Customs Here' guy at ::shops. This is a very unique store, because you can only sell certain items to it, and you cannot buy any items from it.

Selling prices[]


This page consists of alot of graphs that can be expanded and collapsed manually. All items will be in at least one of these charts, you might come across them more than once.

  • NFS (Not For Sale here)
  • Up/Comb (Used for Upgrade/Combine)
  • Always sell here
  • DON'T SELL HEREWork in progress
Item Selling price Category
7 Dragon Balls To Grant A Wish
AK-47 5000
AK-47 Assimov 1000000
Akimbo Daggers NFS
Amazo Bow 500
America Fuck Ye Mode NFS
American Destroyer Boots
American Destroyer Full Helm 500
American Destroyer Gloves
American Destroyer Platebody 500
American Destroyer Platelegs 500
American Destroyer Wings
American Pernix Body 1500
American Pernix Body (Elite) 2500
American Pernix Chaps 1500
American Pernix Chaps (Elite) 2500
American Pernix Cowl 1500
American Pernix Cowl (Elite) 2500
Ancient Axes
Ancient Sword 13000
Anger Scythe 25000
Animal Body 2000
Animal Bow 6000
Animal Helm 2000
Animal Legs 2000
Anouke's Body
Anouke's Boots
Anouke's Glaive 4000
Anouke's Gloves 4000
Anouke's Legs
Anouke's Mask
Anouke's Offhand Glaive
Arc Cape 1000
Arc Helm 1000
Arc Platebody 1000
Arc Platelegs 1000
Arc Spirit Shield
Arc Sword 3000 Sell
Arcane Spirit Shield
Ares Aura Lvl 1 3000
Ares Aura Lvl 2 5000
Ares Aura Lvl 3
Ares Aura Lvl 4
Ares Aura Lvl 5
Attacker Lvl 1
Balizard Rapier 35000
battle mage? 10
Battle-Mage Boots 10
Battle-Mage Gloves 10
Battle-Mage Helm 10
Battle-Mage Robe 10
Battle-Mage Robe Legs 10
Beatz By Dr.Dre
Beerus Body
Beerus Boots
Beerus Gloves
Beerus Head
Beerus Necklace
Beerus Pants
Beerus Pet
Beowulf Body 12000
Beowulf Boots 7000
Beowulf Cape 12000
Beowulf Gloves 7000
Beowulf Helmet 12000
Beowulf Legs 12000
Berserker Boots 5000
Berserker Cape 5000
BFG 9000 1000000
Big Fucking Gun 9000 Off-Hand
Black Super Sayin Aura 50000
Bladed Shield
Bling Chain
Blood Diamond 15000
Blood Necklace NFS
Bloodshot Camo Whip
Blue Dragon Heart 30000
Blue Dragons Necklace
Boots Of Yang 3000000
Boots Of Yin 3000000
Broly Jr 3000
Byakunal Boots 10000
Byakunal Full Helm 20000
Byakunal Gloves 10000
Byakunal Platebody 20000
Byakunal Platelegs 20000
Captain America Shield 5000000
Cell Jr
Cerberus Charm
Collector Lvl 1
Collector Necklace NFS
Coruption 30000
Crimson Pernix Body 5000
Crimson Pernix Chaps
Crimson Pernix Cowl
Cryptic Helm 4000
Cryptic Platebody 4000
Cryptic Platelegs 4000
Cryptic Wings 4000
Dantes Necklace 500000
Dark Side Lightsaber
Darth Maul Boots
Darth Maul Gloves
Darth Maul Torva Full Helm
Darth Maul Torva Platebody
Darth Maul Torva Platelegs
Darth Maul Whip
Darth Maul Wings
Darth Vader Body
Darth Vader Boots
Darth Vader Cape
Darth Vader Gloves
Darth Vader Helmet
Darth Vader Legs
Death Cape
Deathly Spirit Shield 1000
Defender Lvl 1
Demon Wings
Desert Eagle 5000
Diamond Chest
Divine Spirit Shield
Divine's Wrath
Dominion Crossbow
Dormant Body
Dormant Helm
Dormant Legs
Doublesided Darkside Lightsaber
Dragon Ball Star 15000
Dragon Blowpipe
Dragon Minigun
Dragon Warhammer
Dragonbone Kiteshield
Dragonrage Maul
Dragunov 5000
Drakonium Helmet
Drakonium Minigun
Drakonium Platebody
Drakonium Platelegs
Drazulian Firemachine
Drazul's Cape
Drazul's Helm
Drazul's Platebody
Drazul's Platelegs
Drygore Boots
Drygore Full Helmet
Drygore Gauntlets
Drygore Platebody
Drygore Platelegs
Drygore Wings
Egyptian Sword
Elite Crossbow
Elysian Spirit Shield
Energy Fragment NFS
Energy Sword
Eternal Bow
Eternal Staff
Eternal Sword
Executive Totem
Eye Of The Mage
Eye Of The Ranger
Eye Of The Warrior
Fiery Bow
Fighting Boots
Flaming Whip
Frieza Body
Frieza Final Form Mode
Frieza Final Form Pet
Frieza First Form Mode
Frieza First Form Pet
Frieza Head
Frieza Legs
Frieza Second Form Mode
Frieza Second Form Pet
Frost Minigun
Ghostly Swords
Giant Squirrel
Gilded Totem
Glarial's Amulet
Gloves Of Yang
Gloves Of Yin
Godlike Aura
Godly Flail
Godly Stone
Godzilla Pet
Goku Body
Goku Hair
Goku Jr
Goku Legs
Golden Cerberus Charm
Golden Cerberus Pet
Golden Claws
Golden Minigun 500
Golden Mystic Staff
Gravity Maul 800
Green Dragon Heart
Green Dragons Necklace
Green Scythe
Hades Aura Lvl 1
Hades Aura Lvl 2
Hades Aura Lvl 3
Hades Aura Lvl 4
Hades Aura Lvl 5
Healer Lvl 1
Heart Crystal
Hellfire Crossbow
Helmet Of Yang
Helmet Of Yin
Heroes Sword
Heroic Maul
Huge Bird Wings
Ice Diamond
Ichigo Teleport Ticket
Ichigo's Katana
Icy Crossbow
Icy Glaive
Infinite Prayer Symbol
Infinity Gaunlet (Empty)
Infinity Gaunlet (Full)
Infinity Staff
Ironman Helmet
Ironman Platebody
Ironman Platelegs
Jax Lantern
Joker Body
Joker Boots
Joker Gloves
Joker Mask
Joker Pants
Joker RPG
Juggernaut Ring
Justice Helm
Justice Platebody
Justice Platelegs
Kabuto Helmet
Kabuto Platebody
Kabuto Platelegs
KBD Crossbow
KBD Helmet
KBD Shield
Lava Godsword
Lava Gun
Lava Necklace
Lava Scythe
Legacy Shield
Limey Bow 1000
Lit Sword
Luigi's Head
M4A1 Assimov
Madara's Fan
Magic Stone
Magician Boots
Magician Cape
Makarov MH16
Medium Tier Armor Box
Medium Tier Weapon Box
Megazord Body
Megazord Boots
Megazord Extreme Body
Megazord Extreme Boots
Megazord Extreme Gloves
Megazord Extreme Helm
Megazord Extreme Pants
Megazord Gloves
Megazord Helm
Megazord Legs
Megazord Wings
Minigun 50
More Lit Sword
Mursha Helmet
Mursha Platebody
Mursha Platelegs
Mustang Sword
Mystery Box Of All Mysteries Pet
Mystic Staff
Mystical Spirit Shield
Oblivion Mask
Oblivion Platebody
Oblivion Platelegs
Oblivion Wings
Ornamental Boots
Ornamental Gloves
Paper Sack
Perfect Cell Body
Perfect Cell Boots
Perfect Cell Cape
Perfect Cell Gloves
Perfect Cell Head
Perfect Cell Legs
Pet Abbadon
Pet Blue Dragon
Pet Green Dragon
Pet Ichigo
Pet Lord
Pet Red Dragon
Pet Tank
Pet Trump
Pink Dildo
Pink Spirit Shield
Platebody Of Yang
Platebody Of Yin
Platelegs Of Yang
Platelegs Of Yin
Plazma Minigun
Portal Gun
Poseidon Aura Lvl 1
Poseidon Aura Lvl 2
Poseidon Aura Lvl 3
Poseidon Aura Lvl 4
Poseidon Aura Lvl 5
Primal Maul
Primal Rapier
Prizm Minigun
Purgatory Boots 50
Purgatory Gauntlets
Purgatory Helm
Purgatory Platebody
Purgatory Platelegs 100
Purple Dimension Bow
Purple Spirit Shield
Pyramid Head Mode
Pyramid Head Pet
QBD Boots
QBD Full Helm
QBD Gloves
QBD Platebody
QBD Platelegs
QBD Wings
Rainbow Bow
Rainbow Diamond
Rainbow Ghostly Swords
Rainbow Spirit Shield
Razor Whip 1250
Red Dragon Heart
Red Dragons Necklace
Red Key
Red Spirit Shield
Red Wings
Ring Of Devotion
Ring Of Riches
Ring of the Gods NFS
Roseblood Gloves
Rubber Duckie
Ruby Amulet (b)
Santa Hat
Seasonal Key
Seismic Staff
Sephiroth's Body
Sephiroth's Boots
Sephiroth's Gloves
Sephiroth's Head
Sephiroth's Legs
Shadow Bow
Shadow Brutal Whip
Shadow Diamond
Shadow Scythe
Shadow Spirit Shield 500
Shark Tooth Sword
Shooter Boots
Shooter Cape
Silver Boots
Silver Torva Full Helm
Silver Torva Platebody
Silver Torva Platelegs
Silver Wings
Skairu Staff
Sliske Body
Sliske Helm
Sliske Legs
Smoke Diamond
Soul Fragment
Soul Stone
Space Stone
Sparta Boots
Sparta Helm
Sparta Platebody
Sparta Platelegs
Sparta Shield
Spectral Spirit Shield
Spender Cape
SSJ God Blue Boots
SSJ God Blue Gloves
SSJ God Blue Platelegs
SSJ God Blue Platelegs
SSJ God Blue Wings
SSJG Blue Hair
Staff Of Ra
Starlight Staff
Stoner Boots
Stoner Cape
Stoner Chain
Stoner Hat
Stoner Pet
Stoner Platebody
Stoner Platelegs
Super Saiyan Mode
Super Sayin Aura 20000
Super Sayin God Aura 100000 Don’t sell
Superman Body
Superman Boots
Superman Cape
Superman Legs
Supreme Clue Scroll
Supreme T-Shirt
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear (U)
Tekton Helmet
Tekton Platebody
Tekton Platelegs
Tenacious Ring
Toxic Blowpipe
Twisted Bow
Unholy Body
Unholy Boots
Unholy Mask
Unholy Pants
Unholy Scarf
Universo Boots
Universo Bow
Universo Gloves
Universo Helm
Universo Platebody
Universo Platelegs
Uzi 5000
Valkyrian Boots
Valkyrian Gloves
Valkyrian Helmet
Valkyrian Platebody
Valkyrian Platelegs
Valkyrian Wings
Vegeta Armor Legs
Vegeta Body Armor
Vegeta Hair
Vegeta Jr
Vegeta Jr
Virtus Mask (Lava)
Virtus Robe Legs (Lava)
Virtus Robe Top (Lava)
Vorago Pet
White Wings
Wozo Minigun
Yommi Totem
Zeus Aura Lvl 5
Zeus Bow
Zeus Jr
Zues Longsword Off-Hand