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Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7, and his administrative zone includes planet Earth. He slumbers for several years to several decades straight, and he destroys planets in his administrative zone during the few years when he is awake. Beerus is powerful, yet lazy and playful (like most cats). His similarities to cat-like behavior also display in his love for long sleep sessions and how he grooms himself. Beerus is always in a bad mood when he wakes up from his deep slumber but becomes less grumpy the more awake he is. Similar to many cats, he likes to display dominance and will claim whatever he desires to have without much consideration for how it will affect others.

This is a Mass boss has the ability energy sphere barrage technique! Highly recommended that you bring Divine Potions of Durability if you plan on hosting Beerus God Of Destruction!

Requirements needed to kill this monster 1,000 kills of Kid Buu.

Location ::Beerus

Drop Table[]

Rarity Item Quantity
1/5 Legendary Mystery Box 1-1.5k
1/5 Legendary Mystery Box 1-5k
1/5 Mystery Box 1-5k
1/5 Red Key 1-100
1/155 Red Key 1-25
1/155 Seasonal Key 1-30
1/155 5 Op Key 1-5
1/155 Cash Box 1-40
1/155 Scratchcard 1-25
1/850 Omega Key 1-4
1/850 Bulging Taxbag 1-5000k
1/850 Legendary Mystery Box 1-100k
1/850 Cash Box 1-250
1/850 Op Key 1-25
1/850 Millionaire Box 1-10
1/850 Supreme Clue Scroll 1-5
1/850 Stone Tablet 1-3
1/3000 Beerus Pet 1
1/3000 Beerus Necklace 1
1/3000 Beerus Body 1
1/3000 Beerus Boots 1
1/3000 Beerus Gloves 1
1/3000 Beerus Head 1
1/3000 Beerus Pants 1
1/3000 Rainbow Diamond 1