The madness on Stargaze has brought these basic nomads to turn into Bandits that comit crimes such as extortion, robbery, and murder. Help Slay 70 of them in order to remind them of the Rules of StargazePS. If you dare to keep finish this quest refer to Killcount Requirements to keep helping Stargaze! The cowards have been hiding in the desert the only way to find them is by using their secret code that teleports you directly to them ::camp.

Drop Table
Rarity Item Quantity
1/0 Bones x1
1/0 Crystal Key x1
1/5 Crystal Key 1-5
1/15 Mystery Box 1-5
1/15 Bulging Taxbag 1-3
1/15 Bulging Taxbag 1-5
1/40 Crystal Key 1-5
1/155 Beginner Mystery Box x1
1/155 Legendary Mystery Box 1-5
1/155 Energy Fragment 1-50
1/320 Mystery Box 1-20
1/320 Legendary Mystery Box 1-10
1/410 Beginner Mystery Box 1-2
1/410 Energy Fragment 1-100
1/680 Mystery Box 1-60
1/680 Legendary Mystery Box 1-35
1/850 Beginner Mystery Box 1-3
1/850 $5 Scroll x1
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