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Pyramid Head.png

They're living Mystery Boxes, what's there to say? They stand still, you click them, they give you loot. Sounds simple and boring right?

But wait, there's more...

There's a darkness lurking. It is not a darkness like any other. You feel regret. Slaying those boxes... You feel... Guilty, almost? What if the boxes had friends and family... What suffering will they go through, now that you've slain hundreds of thousends of them?

This guilt has expressed itself in the form of a monster. A monster we cannot yet fully comprehend. It's most noticable features are it's gigantic sword, representing the tons of damage you dealt to the boxes, and it's head. It's head has the shape of a five-dimensional oject representing the amount of the boxes you've killed and pain you've caused, cross referenced with the shape of the boxes, multiplied by the amount of AOE Tokens they dropped. Sadly, Java software isn't powerful enough to reproduce such a shape (nor are our brains tbh), so through our eyes, we see the shape of a pyramid.

Thus Pyramid Head was born. Are you brave enough to conquer your fears and own up to your mistakes? Will you accept your choices, or will you let them take control over you? Will you accept the Challenge of the Pyramid?


There are 5 types of standard enemies and 2 bosses to kill. Before you can challenge the bosses, you will need to collect enough AOE Tokens or Super AOE Tokens. This starts with killing Mystery Boxes of different tiers. Below you will see the order & amount you need to kill.

Beginner Mystery Box.png

Beginner Mystery Box[]

Requirements: None

Location: AOE Zone, Sponsor Zone

Most noticable drops: 1 AOE Token

Intermediate Mystery Box 2.png

Intermediate Mystery Box[]

Requirements: 30,000 Beginner Mystery Box KC

Location: AOE Zone

Most noticable drops: 2 AOE Tokens

Ulta Mystery Box.png

Ultra Mystery Box[]

Requirements: 25,000 Intermediate Mystery Box KC

Location: AOE Zone, Sponsor Zone, King Zone

Most noticable drops: 6 AOE Tokens

Supreme Mystery Box.png

Supreme Mystery Box[]

Requirements: 50,000 Ultra Mystery Box KC

Location: Super AOE Zone (costs 50,000 AOE Tokens per teleport)

Most noticable drops: 10 Super AOE Tokens

Godly Mystery Box.png

Godly Mystery Box[]

Requirements: 40,000 Supreme Mystery Box KC

Location: Super AOE Zone (costs 50,000 AOE Tokens per teleport), Diety Zone

Most noticable drops: 20 Super AOE Tokens

The Mystery Box Of All Mysteries.png

The Mystery Box Of All Mysteries[]

Requirements: None

Location: The Mystery Box Of All Mysteries Zone (costs 5,000 AOE Tokens per kill)

Most noticable drops: Mystery Box Of All Mysteries Pet, AK-47 Assimov, Heroic Maul, Diamond Chest

Pyramid Head 2.png

Pyramid Head[]

Requirements: None

Location: Pyramid Head Zone (costs 15,000 Super AOE Tokens per kill)

Most noticable drops: Pyramid Head Mode, Pyramide Head Pet, Supreme Clue Scroll, Rainbow Diamond


  • Pyramid Head, or also known as Red Pyramid Thing, Red Pyramid, Sankaku Atama (Japanese for Triangle Head) and The Executioner, was created for the movie & video game series Silent Hill.